Your kitchen is filled with culinary creativity, delicious food, and colorful meals. From the moment you step foot into your kitchen, you should be able to be inspired to create a filling and warming plate of food. However, there is much more that goes into your kitchen setting than just the food. Every detail works to create a perfect environment for your culinary needs.

Although your kitchen is the place where your food accounts for a good portion of the color, you can still adorn your space with a gorgeous backsplash. Color is a necessity for a vibrant and inviting kitchen.

Here at White Oak Interiors, we believe that the key to a happy home is inviting decor. That’s why we have put together a few tips to help you add some design to your own kitchen with a unique backsplash. To learn how you can add some pizzazz to your kitchen, please feel free to continue reading for some great inspiration:


  • An array of colors. Choosing a backsplash that showcases an array of colors, rather than just one, is a great way to highlight some style throughout your kitchen. You can get crafty with your color choices by choosing ones that pair well with the elements of décor that you have chosen for you space.


  • Adorn with olive green. The sophistication and color pair magically in the olive green hue. It is such a versatile and gorgeous hue that will certainly bring a warm and calming sense of color to your kitchen. With greenery being Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2017, why not appreciate the magical hues green has to offer, and adorn your kitchen with olive green tiles. It will look classy and lovely.


  • Shades of white paired with copper. White is a stunning and clean option. You will feel refreshed as soon as you enter your kitchen. But, after awhile, it can become a little bland on its own. That’s why you can accent your whites and off-whites with a splash of copper. Copper with accentuate the white and offer some shine to your space, which will certainly be an eye-catching element of décor.


  • 18th century class. Portuguese tiles are gorgeous! The blue and white hues will create a charming and refined look. Adorning your own kitchen with 18th century Portuguese tiles will allow you to create a charming and classy look for the heart of your home. Accenting with furniture from the same era will help you highlight a unified and stunning look within your kitchen.

Your kitchen really can serve as the heart of your home, and these tips will help you ensure that your heart is gorgeous. Backsplash is a stunning way to bring a little color to your space. Here at White Oak Interiors, as a Chicago, Illinois interior designer, we would enjoy the opportunity to assist you in decorating your home. To begin your Algonquin interior design project, please feel free to contact us today.


Photo Credit: H Photography

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