Evoking the glamorous style popular in the 1920’s and 30’s, Art Deco is a breathtaking mix of geometric shapes, glossy finishes and grandiose rooms. It is uncommon to see a residential home decked out completely in Art Deco design these days, but you can incorporate a number of pieces that still hold true to the style. White Oak Interiors (Crystal Lake Interior Design) reviews some great elements of Art Deco style:


Expect to shine! There are tons of mirrored pieces in this style, from vanities to coffee tables. Wall mirrors were common in sunburst form or other layouts, adding a bright, dramatic quality. Even in bathrooms, there was an abundance shine. If there was no place to incorporate mirrors, stainless steel or chrome did the trick.

If surfaces weren’t mirrored, they would often be made of exotic, high-priced wood. Mahogany and ebony were sought after, but even the less expensive woods would do, as they all were lacquered heavily to amp up their shine!

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Chairs and other pieces usually had some kind of wood inlay or metal incorporated into it. This was because at the time, there was a big manufacturing boom that made it easier to create these intricate pieces. There was always something interesting to see, whether it was an eclectic armchair made of leather and wood or a beautiful headboard.

This is a day bed from the apartment of George Gershwin, 1928


Metals, glass and mosaic tiles help to add to the ambiance of this style. Tiling was very intricate and included wonderful geometric patterns. Accents would also have an abundance of jewels or stones in them! Glass chandeliers and small accessories served to amplify the beauty of the style.

Art Deco is a very thoughtful style, as everything was detailed to ensure the most glamorous and intricate surroundings. It is a classic and noteworthy style that is unrivaled in its beauty!


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