Your home will showcase many elements of décor. Sofas, tables, chairs, pictures among your walls; each detail will add a great deal of pizzazz to your home. However, it’s important that you keep your floors in mind as well, as they deserve to highlight some style too!

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From wood to carpet, you floors will present a beautiful appearance. However, know that you have the opportunity to add even more style to them with the use of area rugs!

We believe that the flooring within a home should be beautiful! That’s why, here at White Oak Interiors, as Chicago interior designers, we have comprised some advice to assist you with selecting area rugs for your own home. If you are all set to gain some great insight, be sure to continue reading:


  • Choose a Style

    First off, you will want to determine the style of area rug that you would like to showcase among your floor. From traditional area rugs, which highlight features such as flowers, medallions, motifs, and vine work, to contemporary area rugs, which present softer appearances and modern patterns, such as chevron designs along with abstract and graphic prints, you certainly won’t be at a loss of options when it comes to choosing a design. Other popular styles are modern, transitional, vintage, mid-century, and bohemian.


  • Select a Size

    You can discover area rugs in virtually any size. From small enough to be placed right in front of a toilet, to large enough to cover an entire living room, you will want to ensure that you select the right size area rug for your specific space.

    • Living Rooms

      If you are choosing an area rug for your living room, it would be best that all of your furniture sits on top of your area rug comfortably, or that you at least have the front legs of your furniture on your area rug.

    • Dining Rooms

      For dining rooms, it’s ideal to select an area rug large enough for your dining room table and chairs to all be on the area rug, even when the chairs are pulled away from the table.

    • Bedrooms

      Are you searching for an area rug for your bedroom? If so, the area rug should frame the bed. In addition, you will want the front feet of your bedside tables to sit comfortably on the edge of the area rug.


  • Maintenance

    Ensuring that your area rug always maintains a beautiful appearance is certainly of importance! Therefore, you will want to select yours with care, as well as clean it properly. When choosing your area rug, keep durability in mind! Tight-woven or hand-tufted area rugs are very durable, making them ideal choices for high-traffic areas within your home. When it comes to cleaning your area rug, be careful with vacuums, as some can suck up your area rug. Instead, its best to shake off your area rug outside, or use handheld vacuums to carefully remove debris. If your area rug gets stained, clean it by hand with a mild cleanser or soap and water, as the washers and dryers could damage your area rug.

Your floors can showcase a great deal of style if you present area rugs among them! These are just a few tips to assist you with selecting area rugs for your own home.

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If you are ready to plan the design for your own humble abode with an interior designer in Crystal Lake, Illinois, please get in touch with us here at White Oak Interiors! We are always excited with the opportunity to create one of a kind designs for homes, and would be thrilled to do the same for yours.


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