Would you like to rejuvenate your home’s current style? If so, know that purchasing furniture is a wonderful way to highlight a new and lively sense of style throughout your house! After all, there are many different pieces of furniture that can make a lovely addition to any home, whether it be a comfortable new couch, or a lovely shelf to place your accessories among on a wall.

However, with all of the stunning pieces of furniture that could be purchased, along with the seemingly infinite number of styles, how do you know which ones are best to buy for your own home?

We believe that your home should look and feel comfortable! That’s why, here at White Oak Interiors, as Chicago interior designers, we have put together a few key tips for purchasing furniture for your own home. If you are all set to discover what these tips are, be sure to continue reading:

  • Size Matters. If you have discovered a piece of furniture that you feel would look impeccable within your home, your first instinct may be to swoop it up before it’s gone. But, what if that piece can’t fit in your house? Or, what if you can’t even get it through your front door? Before you venture out and start buying furniture for your home, you will want to take measurements, so that you only purchase pieces that you know will fit. So, whether it be a new comfortable couch, or a lovely shelf, ensure that your measurements are all set, so that you can shop with confidence, knowing that the pieces you purchase will be the right fit.
  • To Match, or Not to Match. Sometimes, it’s our first instinct to ensure that everything matches when designing a home. After all, a cohesive appearance, where every item complements one another, certainly creates a lovely appearance. However, sometimes the most unique styles are the ones that stand out from the rest, and make you look twice! So, know that when choosing pieces of furniture for your spaces, they don’t have to match! In fact, you can let your creativity shine by choosing fabrics and appearances of different colors and patterns for a unique appeal. Or, you could even present different end tables at each side of your couch, and an array of colorful throw pillows to add a pop of color. The opportunities for creativity are truly endless!
  • Sample. You will likely be presented with an array of options when it comes to pieces of furniture that you could purchase. So, if you have the opportunity to sample products in your home before purchasing them, that would be ideal! A great way to do so is by taking pictures of the items you plan to purchase, and even grabbing color swatches from the store if you would like to paint. This way, you can view your pictures or swatches next to the items in your home, to see if they would be a good fit.

Every home should showcase great décor! These are just a few tips to assist you with purchasing furniture for your own house.

Here at White Oak Interiors, as an Interior designer in Crystal Lake, Illinois, we can assist you with your own interior design projects. So, please feel free to contact us today, as we are all set to work with you!

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