Simple. Rough. Unpolished. These words sound negative but they are perfect way to describe rustic-styled homes. With the usage of natural elements wherever possible and a charm like no other, these homes are unpretentious and naturally warm and inviting. Cary Interior Designer pros White Oak Interiors can help!

Newer homes can also benefit from a rustic touch to evoke the feeling of simpler times. Here’s how:


Wood and stone are huge components of this style. These materials are often unfinished and have a very primitive look to them. Feathers or furs can also be used if the theme of the home relies more on wildlife, but synthetics are definitely sought after in more modern styles. Even when trying to incorporate stone elements, concrete pieces can be used instead. Wrought iron accents can add an interesting quality that can fit in well with this style, also. Every material should be as raw and basic as possible.


Keeping in line with natural materials is best. Burlap and canvas offer durability important to this style and they can also add some interesting texture to a more modern home. Leather is already popular for several design styles and it fits seamlessly into this style since it’s an animal skin. A large leather sectional could work with canvas throw pillows to add some “rugged comfort” to your rustic-themed home!


Rustic style looks amazing with natural light. If your home has large windows and glass doors, it may look great with other rustic elements! There should always be a connection with the outdoors and large windows help that. Think about a comfy lodge with a great view of the snow!

In addition to windows, artificial light should be fairly soft, such as how a room looks in candlelight. You may not prefer that however, so table lamps would work well or you may just want to invest in getting a dimmer switch! Fireplaces are also sought after additions for lovers of this style. They offer the soft lighting element with the coziness of a ski lodge! They’re definitely worth looking into.


The palette usually consists of subdued shades of brown or come from stone or other natural materials. Even if your walls are white, you can choose furnishings and accents that are more subdued. This style is not overpowering and is pretty simple, so your favorite electric blue is unlikely to work here!


Rustic style pays homage to the days of simpler times and back when rustic style was THE style, materials had to be repurposed to make good use of them. Let the craftsmanship of pieces be the focus and don’t worry about whether the materials are finished. The grain of the wood, the flaws in the stone and the overall simplicity of incorporated pieces are actually preferred!

You may find that adding a few rustic elements to your home satisfies your love for this style, but others choose to go all out! Whether you crave the likeness of trees and leaves in your design over the use of animal images or parts, bringing the country into your home can be achieved for any size space or budget!

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