Don’t get so busy designing the rest of your house that you forget about your personal space… your bedroom! More than the obvious, a bedroom should be your haven, a place to relax and unwind and a reflection of yourself. White Oak Interiors (Crystal Lake Interior Designer) has these easy tips to transform your bedroom and add personality all at the same time.

  1. Layering Textiles –

    By changing patterns but keeping with the same color palette, you can layer textiles in a bedroom to create a cohesive and cozy room.

  2. Adding Artwork –

    Paintings, photograph prints, sketches and sculptures are all ways to add a personal touch to your space.

  3. Lighting –

    The right lighting sets the mood of your bedroom and offers a place for vintage lamps and unconventional light sources.

  4. Fresh flowers –

    Want to add color, charm or romance? A vase of full of fresh flowers becomes an artistic display.

  5. Reading Nook –

    If space allows, adding a small table and comfy chair for reading and winding down is perfect for a bedroom. Accessorize with calming scented candles and a soft table lamp.

  6. Crystal Lake Interior Designer Creative furniture –

    White Oak Interiors loves to repurpose furniture and the bedroom is just the right place to refinish a dresser, dress up a nightstand, or use furniture in unconvential ways, such as a trunk for a nightstand or side table.

  7. Snag Rugs –

    One way to unify a space with a rug while adding personality is with a rug. Both comfortable and practical, patterned rugs look beautiful against simple wall colors or treatments.

Did these ideas get your ideas flowing? Contact White Oak Interiors at (847) 854-8892 or visit us online for more tips and tricks and to schedule your first appointment to begin designing your newly defined space!


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