Flow in interior design means making certain features in your home easily accessible, creating illusions of space, and keeping a consistent theme or look. Whether your taste leans towards Vintage more than Modern or French Country more than Contemporary, flow can be achieved in any style as long as you have an eye for detail.

Some key details to remember are:

  • Colors and Fabrics -Fox RIver Grove Interior Decorator

    It’s not necessary to have everything matching in your home. Complementary colors or working within your desired color palette can be great. Long gone are the days of “all white everything”; playing with color combinations and using them consistently throughout the home can really pull all the rooms together for a uniform feel. As far as textures, burlap has more of a rustic and vintage vibe, where a fabric like silk is often seen in more contemporary settings. Some people are masters of the mix and match. This is great, but consistency is key. If you do it to one room, don’t neglect the others.

  • Windows.

    Replacing windows can be a hassle but important in achieving flow. Because they can be costly, you can upgrade windows in shifts; tackling rooms with higher traffic first. Keep true to the style of windows and the materials used in order to gain flow.

  • Hardware Finishes.

    Your hardware should also be complementary. Assuming your kitchen is full of stainless steel appliances, brass or gold accents in faucets or handles might not look too great. Instead opt for silver-toned hardware that is complementary to the stainless steel, such as nickel or chrome. Use these same tips for creating a uniform look to your bathrooms.

  • Rugs.

    Allow your rugs to rule and refresh. Use them as an anchoring point for furniture placement, sectioning off space to create order. They can also be helpful in creating focal points and recognizing borders if your home has more of an open floor plan.

  • Mirrors.

    Along with your windows, mirrors add an extra boost to a space. Help your rooms appear larger, brighter, and more interesting by incorporating different sized mirrors. See what works and use it to your home’s advantage.

  • Keep calm and clean.

    The most important aspect of flow is a clean, clutter-free home. It’s hard to make things easily accessible when you have to walk through a maze of unnecessary accessories and furnishings. Work from your entryway throughout the home, ensuring you have space to walk freely from room to room.

White Oak Interiors (Fox RIver Grove Interior Decorator) has an excellent eye for detail and experience with all design styles. We are willing and able to help with any challenges you may encounter while designing your dream home. To schedule a consultation, contact us and we’ll help your home flow!


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