Often, our homes need to be updated depending on our changing needs. If you or one of your family members has some kind of disability, you can probably understand the difficulties present when our homes aren’t exactly accommodating. Luckily, White Oak Interiors (Crystal Lake Remodeling) can make modifications to adapt to your circumstances and make sure your home is functional for your lifestyle and needs.


Your home should be easy for you to come and go without a lot of fuss. Some user-friendly options include wheelchair ramps, hand rails, and even raised flower beds for those with a green thumb!

Entryways and Halls – Crystal Lake Remodeling

If you are wheelchair bound, your interior designer can help you with great solutions to navigate your home. This can include furniture placement, finding the right kind of flooring, or working with an architect to ensure that the hallways and doorways are an appropriate width!

Bathrooms – Crystal Lake Remodeling

One of the most common changes done in the bathroom is converting a bathtub into a shower. Some homeowners choose walk-in tubs, but a roll-in shower works best if you are confined to a wheelchair. For safety precautions, the hardware is selected carefully. You’ll often see grab bars and faucets may include push buttons to start and have hand-held shower heads. Again, space and placement is a factor!


There are a few universal design features, like stoves with controls on the front that are easier to reach, or colored controls that are beneficial for those with visual impairments. Also, food storage is made simpler with side by side fridge/freezers and shelves can be placed lower.

There are many solutions to make your home easier for you and your loved ones to get around. Ask White Oak Interiors about your particular needs and we can help provide some accommodations to make your home beautiful and functional!

Part of the fun of this time of year is seeing family and friends that we otherwise might not see all the time and opening our homes to them. If you’ve ever hosted before or have been a guest in someone else’s home, then you can probably understand some of the challenges that come along with the territory. Making sure everyone is comfortable and accommodated is important and here, we’ll share just a few tips for you on how to make your home welcoming to your guests!

You don’t have to spend tons of money to get your home “guest-ready”. A clean home with thoughtful décor additions can mean the world when creating a beautiful and comfortable environment! Enjoy time with your loved ones!


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