The holiday season is officially in full swing! No matter what type of celebrations you have planned, welcome in the season with style by keeping these 7 tips, from White Oak Interiors (Crystal Lake Interior decorator) in mind while you are decorating.

  1. Take some time to declutter.

    Before you add more things to your home, it’s best to take some time to remove or store items you don’t want displayed right now. It will lend some extra room to your seasonal décor, and offer a chance for cleaning and dusting as well.

  2. Remember Less is More.

    Having more decorations isn’t going to make you more festive. Instead, choose simple holiday accent pieces that you love. Possibilities could include:

  • – Ornaments arranged in glass bowls for table centerpieces
  • – Lush garland, strings of pinecones and bows around doorways and fireplace mantels
  • – Wreaths on doors both inside and outside
  • – Glass jars filled with nuts, berries or peppermints around the house
  1. Try out new colors.

    Just because red and green are classics doesn’t mean you have to decorate only in those shades. Try out different combinations to create a new look, or experiment with different scenarios depending on the room. You could have a monochromatic tree in the dining room for an elegant look. But decorate the family room with something more playful.

  2. Don’t forget the guest bathroom – Crystal Lake Interior decorator

    The holidays always bring more visitors, and the guest bathroom is a great opportunity to add a little festive décor like holiday towels and soaps or candles in festive scents.

  3. Know when you have enough.

    It’s easy to get carried away decorating for the holidays, but every once in a while, step back and look at your work. This is especially true when decorating outside your home. Be courteous to your neighbors and know when to say when.

  4. Keep safety in mind.

    Holiday decorations are often displayed for a month or more. If your elaborate decorations include stepping over cords every morning, it’s probably best to adjust your decorating. Also, if you are hosting any gathering, pay attention to items that could be dangerous if small children or pets got to them.

  5. It won’t be perfect.

    There isn’t any reason to be a perfectionist over the holiday season, and that includes decorating your home. Instead, celebrate this season cherishing the time with friends and family.

White Oak Interiors (Crystal Lake Interior decorator) has ideas to make your home beautiful year round, not just during the holiday season. For more design and decorating tips, or to browse rooms we have completed, contact White Oak Interiors at (847) 854-8892 or visit us online.


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