Small spaces often pose a challenge for homeowners when searching for the right furnishings and accents, but these challenges are common for those with large homes, as well. Whether you’re short on furniture or the ceilings are really high, these tips can help make a larger space more inviting and comfortable!

  1. Break down big rooms.

    Designating areas for different functions is one of the best ways to make a big space less overwhelming. This could consist of a lounging area for watching television, overstuffed chairs or a nook for reading, or a makeshift work space. Make the room fit your needs!

  2. Change the focus.

    Any visuals that can help draw the eye to different areas would be extremely helpful. Try to give each area its own focal point when possible. This could be in the form of a television, lamp or art.

  3. Make smart use of lighting and color – Cary Window Treatments

    You need to make sure that a large room has enough light or it will be dark and dreary. Darker colors paired with great lighting can help bring the room in some and make it more comfortable. A great visual illusion that helps with large rooms is painting the ceiling a few shades darker than the walls. You can also use wainscoting to help divide up the height of the ceilings.

  4. Move furniture off the walls.

    You don’t want to have too much open space, so moving furniture a few inches off the walls could be enough of a quick fix. You can always add art to fill in space, while making the room more interesting.

  5. Textures tie it together.

    Big rooms feel cold and uninviting but textures could remedy that. Area rugs, throw blankets and pillows, and curtains add a great homey feeling to any space and can also absorb sounds, depending on the size of the room.

Your large home doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With the right tricks and a wonderful interior design team like White Oak Interiors, your home can be fabulous and functional!

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