How to Present Positive Energy Throughout Your Home

How to Present Positive Energy Throughout Your Home

Positive energy is wonderful to experience! If you are within a setting that presents an aura that pleases your mind, body, and soul, you are sure to be filled with happiness. So, you will certainly want to ensure that positive energy is evoked throughout your home. After all, that’s where most of your time is spent, especially now during this quarantine!

Do you feel as though your home is lacking a positive atmosphere? If so, know that you can change the ambience of your space with a few quick design tips!

We believe that every home should be full of positive energy! That’s why, here at White Oak Interiors, as Chicago interior designers, we have gathered some ways in which you can ensure that your home is. Would you like to discover what these ways are? If so, be sure to continue reading:

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  • A Positive Element of Decor

    You have the opportunity to present positive energy throughout your home in a beautiful way with the use of gems! Gems are a physical entity that embody concentrated energy, and there are many of them. From amethyst to sapphire, each gem has its own meaning. So, you can choose a certain gem to place within each room of your home, to highlight its own meaning.

    • For example, Emerald gems are said to evoke success in business, as well as help to promote creative or intellectual pursuits, making it the perfect addition to an office or workplace.
    • Or, consider Amber, which is said to symbolize health and therapeutic qualities, which would be great to place in your bathroom as you soak, relax, and heal in a hot bath. The opportunities are truly endless!

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  • Hues to Enhance Your Mood

    One thing that our bodies are drawn to is color. After all, how could you not enjoy the beautiful hues that fill the world? So, why not fill your home with the beauty too? There are many holistic benefits and effects of color, as each one has a way of positively impacting our mood. So, discover what type of aura you want to showcase in each space within your home, and choose a color to complement it!

    • For example, red is said to energize you, which would be a great choice for a home gym.
    • Or, for a more relaxed appeal, consider blue, which is perfect for bedrooms, as it is said to evoke peace and tranquility, so that you can unwind and relax.

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  • Manifesting Positive Feelings

    Affecting our mind, body, and spirit, chakras are the subtle flow of energy through the body. It is said that we are at our healthiest when all seven chakras are aligned, as each one controls and represents different emotions throughout our bodies, such as having a sense of self-worth, and wisdom. So, seeing as our home is an extension of ourselves, you can treat each room as though it is a chakra by creating it to have a purpose.

    • For example, you could design your bedroom to be a place of relaxation, where you can unwind.
    • Or, your living room could be created to pose as a place to discover social happiness, as you bond with family and friends. Overall, design each room to have a positive purpose, and then be sure to take advantage of it as a great way to evoke some wonderful energy in each space!

Feeling positive throughout each space within your home is certainly of importance! These are just a few tips to assist you with doing so.

Are you ready to design your own home with an interior designer in Crystal Lake, Illinois? If so, please contact us here at White Oak Interiors, as we are all set to assist you with creating the humble abode of your dreams!

Helpful Design Tips for Your Bedroom

Helpful Design Tips for Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is your own personal space where you get to escape. After a long day of work, cooking, cleaning, and keeping up with life’s chores, know that you have the opportunity to relax and unwind within your bedroom. Overall, your bedroom serves as a sanctuary away from stress. Therefore, you will want it to be a beautiful and functional space!

However, with many ways in which you can design your own bedroom, you may be wondering how to go about creating your own space.

We believe that every part of your home should be designed to perfection! That’s why, here at White Oak Interiors, as Chicago interior designers, we have put together a few tips to assist you with creating your own bedroom. Would you like to discover what these helpful tips are? If so, be sure to continue reading:


  • Bold Bedding

    Your bed is a huge focal point for your bedroom. After all, would it really be a bedroom without somewhere to lay your head for the night? In addition, know that your bed is actually the perfect opportunity for you to showcase a bold and dramatic sense of style. Also, know that the best part is that your bedding is not permanent, as you can change it up whenever you would like!

    • For example, you may want to present a bright and airy appearance for spring with floral bedding, and then change it to a deep and luxurious appeal with a rich maroon duvet to complement the months of fall and winter.
    • Overall, know that the opportunities are truly endless when it comes to highlighting bedding, such as comforters, throw pillows, and throw blankets. So, let your creativity shine!


  • Helpful Storage

    Storage is a wonderful thing, for many reasons! You get to keep all your favorite possessions nearby, yet out of sight. With efficient storage, you have the opportunity to present each item with its own “home”, while also showcasing beauty.

    • A great way to conquer your clutter is by utilizing furniture such as nightstands and armoires. This way, you have areas to place your belongings, while also highlighting lovely elements of décor.
    • In addition, know that under-bed storage is also ideal, as it’s the perfect way for you to easily tuck your items away. A wonderful under-bed option is to place your items within big bags where the air can be sucked out of them, making it so your items are within a thin, organized bag, which can be easily slid under your bed.
    • And, let’s not forget closets, as they often present ample areas for storage with the use of shelves, hangers, cabinets, and bins.
      • If you choose to utilize bins, know that clear tubs are great for storage, as you can see what’s within them. Or, if you prefer a hidden appeal, just pull out your label maker so that you can mark the outside with what’s inside them.


  • A Dash of Color

    You can bring a much-needed pop of color to your room that will create a stunning dynamic. However, don’t feel as though you can only present color among your walls, or just simplistic colors!

    • For example, if your room is mostly monochromatic, you can add a gorgeous pop of red or blue, whichever color will contrast best.
    • In addition, know that you can present color among items within your space, such as with your window treatments, throw pillows, throw blankets, an upholstered headboard, artwork among your walls, or even an area rug.
    • No matter how you choose to present color throughout your bedroom, know that a pop of vibrancy is sure to bring a great deal of character to your space!

You have the opportunity to add beauty to your bedroom in many unique and creative ways. These are just a few tips to help inspire your own design!

Are you all set to design your own home with an interior designer in Crystal Lake, Illinois? If so, please contact us here at White Oak Interiors, as we would be pleased with the opportunity to work with you!


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