Interior Design Tips: How to Add Light to A Dark Space

Interior Design Tips: How to Add Light to A Dark Space

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Home is a place where you can relax, create memories, and just be yourself, so of course you will want your interior design to be styled perfectly. Your home is not just where you lay your head at night, but where you can be happy. From lounging around in your family room to a refreshing shower in your bathroom, you surely want to feel happy within each and every space. This is your home, after all.

The fact is, there are some rooms that just don’t get enough natural light. This is especially frustrating if renovating your space isn’t an option. It may not be so easy to just construct a new window within your home.

Here at White Oak Interiors, we understand that your home needs to be comfortable in every way possible. That’s why we have put together a few interior design tips to assist you in bringing more light into your dark space. If you want a cheery and bright environment within your own home, be sure to continue reading for inspiration:

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  • Hang your art accordingly. There are bound to be some darker paintings, photos, or wall décor that you will want displayed within your home. If you have an already dark room, you can avoid making it darker by hanging these art displays in an already bright room. By taking your brighter décor, and hanging it in your darker room, you already bring a lighter feel to your room. Also, avoid dark paint colors, as this can make the room appear even more dim and smaller.

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  • Bring on the mirrors. Sure, you may not be able to create new windows that allow light in. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get more bang for your buck out of the light already provided. Mirrors are a wonderful way to reflect the light that is already there, in turn, brightening up your room. Invest in a large mirror that will look beautiful, hanging across the room from your biggest window. This will allow you to double the amount of light in your room.

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  • Consider outside forces. Sometimes, it’s not about the lack of windows within your room. The lack of light shining into your room can actually be caused by an outside force, such as a tree in front of your window. This is virtually, a cost-free way to allow more light into your home, without changing anything inside it. If you have a tree stopping your home from shining bright, you can solve the problem with some perfectly placed snips. Keeping up on your trees allows continuous light flow and makes it less of a hassle in the long run.

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  • Take a pass on heavy curtains. Privacy is a huge part to enjoying your home. It is understandable that you will take measures to ensure that you have that privacy. Dark, heavy curtains are not the answer. Instead, you can try translucent shades, allowing light to disperse throughout the room. Your room doesn’t have to become a lair for you to enjoy a little privacy.

When your home doesn’t have enough sunlight, you may want to add more. Renovation isn’t your only option to make your home brighter, as these interior design tips will certainly help! Here at White Oak Interiors, we know how important a cheerful setting is within your home. If you are ready to begin styling your space, feel free to contact us today.


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Interior Design Tips: How to Add Light to A Dark Space

Transform Your Home with these 2017 Design Trends

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Now that Spring is here, it’s time to step out of our hibernation state and transform your home with some 2017 design trends. While some decide to shed the Winter pounds, others decide to take comfort in Spring cleaning, but you however, can bring a new and refreshing look to your home. After a long Winter, it can feel like it’s time for a change. Say hello to a new year, a new season, and a warmer start to the year with a fresh new style for your home.

If you want to celebrate Spring by creating your own fresh start, there are many ways in which you can do just that.

Here at White Oak Interiors, we understand that sometimes, a home just needs to be transformed. That’s why we have put together a few 2017 designs trends that you can use to style your own home. If you feel the urge to revamp your humble abode, be sure to keep reading to become inspired:

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  • For the pattern lover. Patterns are an incredible tool when redecorating your home. For those who find joy in an enticing pattern, you can bring these beautiful forms of décor into your own home, this Spring. Whether you create a cohesive patterned look, or step out of the box and anchor the room with mismatching patterns, your home will present a riveting display.

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  • Let the butterflies in. Although it would be quite a whimsical sight to see, we don’t mean for you to let a horde of butterflies loose within your home. Butterflies carry the Spring spirit and a sense of optimism with them, as fly around. You can create this same effect within your home by adorning your home with butterfly patterns, monarch color palettes, or even butterfly decals. The sky is the limit.

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  • If it’s faux, does anybody have to know? In this day and age, there are many different ways to rock the mysterious faux element. Whether you indulge in faux gauges, faux furs, or any other brilliant faux items, you can also incorporate this love for faux into your home. Starting off the year responsibly can require one to budget. Make use of faux materials and textures, such as wood and quartz, so you don’t have to compromise on the desired look you want your home to reflect.

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  • Brighten up with green. If there is one thing you are guaranteed to see this spring, it’s green flora poking their heads up from the ground. It is the first sign that Spring has officially made its debut. You can bring this new sign of hope and happiness into your home. Whether you paint your walls, or add bright green accents, your home too, can display the gorgeous green that will begin the flora for the year. After all, greenery is Pantone’s color of the year.

You can say sayonara to your Winter look, and welcome in the new year with a gorgeous Spring display. These 2017 design trends are just a few ways you can make a change within your home. Here at White Oak Interiors, we want to help you make your Spring home décor a success. If you want to make a change to your humble abode, be sure to contact us today.

The photos within this article represent English Cottage, French Country, Transitional, and Urban Chic styles. All of which can be designed to represent your unique and personal interests, developing a look that will make an impression within your home.


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Interior Design Tips: How to Add Light to A Dark Space

Add Some Spring Colors to Your Home

After a long, freezing Winter, the season is finally making way for warmer weather, allowing you to experience spring colors.

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Blooms will be sprouting, filling the world around us with gorgeous colors. The sky will shine, bringing a warmth to every day. Spring is about here, and with it comes a fresh and warm feeling. Don’t you want to bring this feeling to your home?

You can create this new, seasonal feeling within your home by creating a beautiful, budding palette with Spring colors. Your home will gleam with Spring cheer!

Here at White Oak Interiors, we know how important it is to feel happy and refreshed within your home. That’s why we have put together a few ways that you can brighten your home with the colors of Spring. If you want to bring a refreshing and seasonal look to your home, be sure to keep reading to learn more:

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  • Contemporary orange. Fresh, orange tulips and other blooms, as well as the warmer sunsets, plays a huge role in welcoming Spring. You can bring this vibrant and contemporary hue to your home, in moderation of course. You can accent your home with this bright hue, such as painting an alcove, accenting your furniture with orange details, or even just painting a single wall to make a colorful pop within your space. Orange can add a spark of Spring to your humble abode.

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  • Cheerful yellow. Perhaps one of the most anticipated elements of Spring is the warm rays that will fill the air. That happy ball of yellow will brighten our skies more often, and bring a cozy warmth to the world around us. You can bring this cheerful hue to your own home to give it an uplifting ambiance. For your citrus hues, take caution with the stronger yellows, limiting how much you use it. This strong yellow can easily overwhelm your home. You can bring yellow to your furniture with a few key pieces. However, most of your furniture should remain neutral colors, such as grey, so as to not overpower your home with Spring cheer. Bold patterns serve as lovely accents and off-white or stone shades will help balance out the prominent yellow hues. Yellow is a wonderful way to add joy to your home.

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  • Fresh green. After being coated in snow and ice, the ground is finally allowing the beautiful greenery to shine through. Seeing the green grass is a reassuring sign that the snow and ice are melting and won’t be returning for a while. As the freezing Winter disappears, we start to keep an eye out for sprouts of green which show that beautiful blooms are right around the corner. Bringing this green to your home can help you rid your home of the Winter blues. Refreshing green tones upon your walls, mixed with rustic styled furniture and décor creates an incredible, refreshing Spring setting. For a little more pizzazz, you can add prints and patterns, as well as textured or natural floor coverings. Your home will feel renewed with Spring energy.

There are many ways to welcome Spring colors into your home. These colors are sure to help you feel new life that Spring brings, before you even step outside. Here at White Oak Interiors, we want to help you showcase your vision throughout your home. If you are ready to brighten up your living space with interior design, be sure to contact us today.

Interior Design Tips: How to Add Light to A Dark Space

Feng Shui Your Bedroom with These Easy Tricks

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With all of the different sources of stress and demands that life holds, it’s easy to want to come home and relax, and you can if you Feng Shui your space. Your home should be a place where you can feel at peace, a sanctuary. Whether you enjoy kicking back on the bed with a good book or lounging back for a quick cat nap, your bedroom is the best place to relax and unwind.

You can Feng Shui your bedroom to create the perfect sanctuary to feel at peace. How would you like to arrive home after a busy day to feel completely tranquil?

Here at White Oak Interiors, we believe that your home should be your own sanctuary. That’s why we have put together a few easy tricks to help you Feng Shui your bedroom. If you need a change for your own bedroom, be sure to keep reading to discover more:

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  • Absolutely no clutter. To create a relaxing ambience within your bedroom, it must be clean and de-cluttered. You can bring a refreshing feeling to your space by deep cleaning. Pull everything out, get rid of any unneeded or unwanted items, and clean it up. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself to let go of items that you won’t ever use, or don’t really need. This will allow you to feel at peace, rather than cramped or suffocated by muddle.
  • Address anything that may be broken. With our busy life, it’s all too easy to forget about the little things that require our attention, such as that remote that needs batteries, or that burned out light bulb. These can just sit in the back of your mind, preventing you from feeling at peace. Although you can fix everything at once, you don’t have to. Make a list of everything that needs your attention, and create deadlines for you to finish them. This will help you feel comfortable, as well as remove any nagging feeling that you still have work to do.

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  • Remove any storage beneath the bed. Whether you have a lot of extra space or are quite limited, storage underneath the bed is completely unnecessary. This limits the space for your energy to flow, as every item brings its own energy to your room, especially underneath your bed. Don’t make your energy fight with the energy of unnecessary items. Remove all storage under your bed, even if it’s extra bedding. Plus, entering your room and being able to see the storage beneath your bed is unappealing to the eye. So, removing it will overall create and inviting appearance.

It’s important to feel serene within your own bedroom, as this is where you will rest your head at the end of the day. These easy tricks will help you Feng Shui your bedroom. Here at White Oak Interiors, we want to help you feel zen within your home. If you are looking to conduct some interior design within your home, be sure to contact us today.

Interior Design Tips: How to Add Light to A Dark Space

These 2017 Color Trends are Taking Over Homes!

Filling your home with gorgeous color trends will not only add a little pizzazz to your décor, but will also set the right mood within your rooms.

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There are many wonderful uses for colors, as they are the perfect way to transform your dwelling, and you can use them to create a wonderful display within your home. What colors are featured in your house?

If you have an itch to redo your home, or just bring a new element of décor to it, you’re in luck. There are a few color trends that are really making a good name for themselves this year that will surely transform your home.

Here at White Oak Interiors, we know how important your home is. That’s why we have put together a few color trends that are taking over homes this year. If you are curious as to what color you could use to adorn your own home, be sure to continue reading for some gorgeous inspiration:

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  • Sunny yellow. Yellow is such a wonderful color for creating a warm and happy environment. From pale yellows to mustard, you can develop your own cheery glow among your walls. However, the lovely color of yellow doesn’t have to just stay on your walls, as you can bring the hue to your furniture as well, creating an inner glow for your home. Also, yellow pairs beautifully with many other colors, leaving you with an array of options for decorating your space.

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  • Bold black. When you first imagine painting your home black, your first thought may be “no way”. It can be intimidating to paint your walls such a dark color that could ultimately be difficult to cover over if you were to change your mind. However, the deep shade of black is quite stunning. Accenting it with gold and leather will help you to create a fashionable display. Don’t think that you home will just be dim with black, as you have a multitude of ways to jazz it up.

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  • Traditional olive. Perhaps you are someone who enjoys more traditional hues to fill your home. Tan and white can become austere, whereas a green color can be quite bold and trendy for your home. You don’t have to go with a vibrant lime or grass green to achieve a unique, yet traditional décor. Olive is a chic and classic color that will bring the trendy quality back to your home in just the right hue.

There are many wonderful hues that can transform your own home this year. These are just a few of your options. Take hold of your creativity and embrace the trendy colors that this year has to offer. Here at White Oak Interiors, we want to help you create a truly magnificent setting within your interior design. If you are interested in planning your interior design, feel free to contact us today.

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