Custom Window Treatments

Custom Window treatments have the power to completely transform your home. They create a unique look inside of a room and can also provide some dressing up to the exterior of your home (depending on the treatment). They can complete a style and provide functionality to a space that goes beyond just looking beautiful. The fact of the matter is, you NEED some kind of window treatment and White Oak Interiors can help you find just the right one, whether you are in Algonquin, Crystal Lake, Barrington or Bull Valley!

What would you like to achieve from your custom window treatments?

The ability to control the amount of light in your home and adjust the level of privacy are two of the main factors that people consider when buying treatments. The use of the room helps us discover exactly what dressings will work best! Will the room be used for sleeping? How about for viewing movies? Is the room on a lower level of the home or facing a busy street? Don’t forget that they offer amazing climate control! These answers are very telling of the type of treatments the homeowner may need and we can start providing options accordingly.

What type of atmosphere would you enjoy in your home?

We can help create a number of different feelings with just the right treatment. Your home can be warm and inviting, elegant, informal or a bit more formal, depending on the dressing. Soft treatments are usually selected to play around with colors and textures, but every piece of a treatment plays its role to get the desired look. Luckily, White Oak Interiors has a large selection of décor fabrics, trims and the necessary hardware to create a sought-after look for the homeowner. We also do broad fabric searches to the design centers in the area to serve our clients completely.

Do you have a favorite brand or preference in materials used?

White Oak Interiors carries Hunter Douglas and Horizons window shades, shutters and blinds. These innovative brands can provide a complete look for your home and use a variety of different materials. Wood, faux-wood, tweed, aluminum and hybrid materials (just to name a few) can be used to create the right kind of texture and look that you need!

Do you have a budget in mind?

We usually lead with this question first, as custom window treatments have the potential to be costly. For an average living and dining room, custom window treatments can start anywhere between $1500 to $2000 dollars. This price is just an estimate but factors that influence it are the size of the windows, design, fabric, linings, non-decorative hardware, installation and removal of packaging materials. Other factors can include decorative hardware (if any), trims and motorized treatments.

White Oak Interiors takes immense pleasure in transforming a home, especially through its custom window treatments. We take time to weigh out the various options with the homeowner to make sure that they are pleased on every level with the decision and design of treatments! It is our pleasure to serve you and make you fall in love with your home all over again!

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