How to Choose Window Treatments for Your Home

Window treatments are a great source for accentuating the beautiful light that will shine its way into your home.

window treatments

These soft window treatments, from a home in Mchenry, Illinois, provide both beauty and privacy!

With the right window treatments, you not only have the opportunity to hide the light or allow it to showcase through your windows, but also add some pizzazz to your space.

With many window treatments to choose from, are you aware of which ones would be the best fit for your home?

We are honored with the opportunity to provide inspiration for your interior design. That’s why, here at White Oak Interiors, we have gathered some tips to assist you in choosing the perfect window treatments for you home. If you are curious to discover more, be sure to continue reading:

window treatments

Stationary side panels with cherry toned 2″ wood blinds created a rich look with this Algonquin, Illinois home.

  • Draperies. When tall windows are presented, you can invest in floor-to-ceiling draperies to adorn them. These are especially ideal for bedrooms. Offering light and privacy, a window of fabric will appear as an additional wall of décor within your space. When installing your drapery rod, you have the option of choosing to place it on the wall or the ceiling, depending on what is most fitting for the style that you would like to represent.

window treatments

These colorful sheers, from a home in West Dundee, Illinois, showcase a colorful striped appearance, pulled back with playful, oversized large tassels.

  • Semisheer. For a common space within your home, such as a living room, consider semisheer fabric window treatments. Seeing as your common room won’t require much privacy to the outside world, you can allow an abundance of natural light to shine through, brightening your space, while still providing subtle privacy. However, you can choose a thicker fabric, if you wish to not have as much light shine through and to add a bit more privacy.

window treatments

These large windows were highlighted with stationary side panels in a small 1/2″ blue and yellow check! A great room to relax in within a West Dundee, Illinois home.

  • Blackout curtains. If you would rather keep the light entirely out of your space when your window treatments are being utilized, you can opt for blackout curtains. Dense fabric that light can’t penetrate through is used to create blackout curtains, ensuring that your home can stay as dark as you would like it to. These are especially useful in bedrooms, allowing you to get a great night’s sleep in the dark.

window treatments

This laundry room, in a home in Carpentersville, Illinios, represented lovely roller shade. The inside mount of the roller shade allows all of the great woodwork around the window to be seen.

  • Roller shades. Some rooms within your home will require a great deal of privacy, such as your bathrooms. Roller shades are a wonderful way to ensure that you are completely hidden from the outside world, while still allowing light to filter through. You can choose your roller shades to be as thick as you would like, to reflect however much light you would like to utilize within your space.

With the right window treatments, you can jazz up your space, as well as accentuate your home beautiuflly with natural light. These are just a few of the lovely window treatments that you can choose for your home. If you are ready to begin planning your Algonquin, Illinois interior design, please feel free to contact us today here at White Oak Interiors. As a Chicago interior designer, we look forward to inspiring your home.


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