Barrier-free Interior Design

At White Oak Interiors we take pride in ensuring that every interior design we create is customized to meet the individual needs of our clients. This viewpoint takes on even greater importance, however, when implementing interior designs for those with special needs. If a client uses a wheelchair or has a visual or hearing impairment, for example, we ensure the right modifications are made to create a safe, comfortable and inviting living space without compromising style and comfort.

Warm and inviting universal designs

Today, the term for the least restrictive, barrier-free design is called universal design and it has grown in popularity as aging baby-boomers wish to stay in their homes longer and more seniors go to live with a child or other loved one.

Barrier-free living without sacrificing style

c-h-photography410Although it’s easy to conjure up images of sterile, hospital room like settings when we think about barrier-free living, but nothing could be further from the truth. All of our barrier-free designs concepts are delivered with the same warm colors, fabrics and expert craftsmanship as our traditional interior designs. Our number one goal is to ensure the person with special needs and their caretakers love their surroundings.

Expert interior designer Carmen Boyer and her team will present those with special needs an almost endless selection of fabric, color and fixture options that are safe and compliant with the American Disabilities Act (ADA). Here are just a few of the many modifications that can be made to ensure persons with disabilities are comfortable and safe in their accessible homes or offices.

Bedroom Modificationsc-h-photography406

  • Attractive non-slip wood or tile flooring
  • Guard rails
  • Lower light switches


  • Roll-in showers
  • Grab bars
  • Hand-held and pull out shower faucets
  • Sinks with ample under-counter room for wheelchair clearance
  • Higher toilets


  • Kitchen countertops may be raised or lowered
  • Sliding shelving with easy access
  • Drawer handles rather than knobs
  • Front-mounted appliance knobs

Creating a barrier free living space customized to our client’s needs starts with a project plan. Our 7-step process for implementing an attractive universal design ensures total customer satisfaction.

Our 7-step universal interior design process

  1. Gather requirements: Working with our clients, we discuss what modifications are required and which ones are optional. Requirements gathering results in a list of features that our interior designs must achieve.
  2. Present organization and storage options: Proper organization and storage options allow everything from food, medical equipment and clothing to be right where our clients need them and it’s critical in barrier-free design.
  3. Create a timeline: With our end goals in mind, we work with our clients to create a manageable schedule
  4. Estimate costs: Working within our clients’ budget, we estimate the total cost of the project.
  5. Create drawings and sketches: Once we have the requirements and the cost and schedule plan, we get right to work drawing the new accessible interior spaces.
  6. Measurement: Final preparations and measurements are completed and added to the plan.
  7. Minimize lifestyle impact: We strive to cause the least amount of disruption in our clients’ lives and we work with them to be as minimally invasive on the household as possible.

Here are just a few of the many modifications we make to ensure persons with disabilities will love their homes or offices.

Bedroom Modifications

  • Attractive non-slip wood or tile flooring
  • Guard rails
  • Lower light switches


  • Roll-in showers
  • Grab bars
  • Hand-held and pullout shower faucets
  • Sinks with lots of under-counter room for wheelchair clearance
  • Higher toilets


  • Raised kitchen counter tops

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