Get Stylish with Your Closet Organization

Every outfit, pair of shoes, and clothing accessory can be beautifully stored with the right closet organization.

closet organization

A long, narrow closet under the stairs creates a great space for a playroom for children! You can even utilize a dutch door to add some fun, such as within this home in West Dundee, Illinois.

Not only is your closet extremely useful, but it can be a stylish part of your home too. You have put a lot of effort into making your home well decorated and uniquely styled, why not spread that creativity to your closet? Your closet doesn’t have to lack style.

You can jazz up your room by bringing a unique personality to your home closet organzation. After all, your daily style deserves to be neatly placed within an equally intriguing space.

With the right closet organization, you can be excited to explore all of your gorgeous clothing and accessories! That’s why, here at White Oak Interiors, we have put together a few ways in which you can get stylish with your own closet organization. If you want to make the most out of your space, be sure to continue reading to discover more:

closet organzation

A chase lounge will add some relaxation to your closet! Such as this one in Algonquin, Illinois.

  • Invest in the hooks. When you visit a dressing room, there are likely hooks on the wall for your convenience. This allows you to display potential outfits and switch them in and out. You can put hooks in your own closet to add convenience everyday lifestyle. However, don’t think that your hooks have to be plain and simple. You can discover vintage beauties or ones that represent some antique flair, or even more modern and trendy hooks. The possibilities are truly endless, and can be chosen to complement the overall style of your home.

closet organization

The neutral gray color of these shelves pictured from a home in Algonquin, Illinois, will add character to your closet.

  • Time and attention. Size permitting, you can essentially treat your closet as another room. This will give you the opportunity to dedicate the time and attention that your closet deserves. Your closet does not have to be just a storage unit. With lovely wallpaper, artwork, a tasteful chaise lounge chair, you can treat your closet as another room. This means that you are less likely to let clutter and mess build, creating an inviting space within your home.
  • Skip the plastic. Your clothing is highly important to your everyday life. With such important material, you don’t have to stick with cheap hangers. So, skip the plastic and invest in elegant wooden hangers. They are more reliable and will look charming in your closet. Also, fabric is a great covering for hangers, as you can get trendy with the colors and designs, to add some pizzazz to your space. In addition, always remember to remover your dry-cleaning bags once your clothes are returned to the closet.

closet organzation

A chandelier, such as this one within a home in Carpentersville, Illinois, is the perfect addition for light and style within a space.

  • Bright and bold. Closets can be somewhat dark, especially if they lack windows. You can use color to bring a warmth to your closet. Neutral colors are ideal, so the wall and ceiling colors do not affect the shades of your clothing and accessories. Thus, making it much easier to see the true color of your outfits. Whether it’s the color of your walls or the shade of your cabinets, you can make your space feel more important. Also, with the using of lighting, you can develop and closet that is warm and inviting. Consider unique hanging lights or even table lamps if you have the space to create a sitting area.

No space within your home has to go without style. Add a little pizzazz to your closet organization with these tips! Here at White Oak Interiors, as a Lake Barrington, Illinois interior designer. we can help you add the right amount of style to your home. If you are ready to begin planning the design of your Chicago home, please feel free to contact us today.


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