Remodeling Furniture and Accessories

Furniture and Accessories to Complete Every Room

Our number one goal at White Oak Interiors is to create comfortable, well-appointed rooms that are not only attractive, but also fit our customers’ lifestyles. Two of the key ingredients to accomplish this goal are furniture and accessories.

Furniture and accessories pull a room’s look together and complete our professional planning and design process.  We work together with our clients to get every detail just right. From lighting and draperies to the smallest picture frame, we advise our clients on what will add just the right finishing touches to their room.

We also work within their price range to make sure our recommendations fit within their budget. Here are 7 ways we use furniture and accessories to blend comfort, style and practicality to create outstanding interior designs.

7 Ways furniture and accessories complete your home or office

  1. Highlight your sense of style:

    We hand-select furniture and accessories to reflect your lifestyle and tastes. Furniture and accessories tell visitors a little about what makes you special.

  2. Let you be you:

    One of the worst mistakes homeowners can make is to buy furniture that looks perfect in a magazine, but won’t let you put your feet up at the end of the day, or handle an unexpected coffee spill. Let’s face it, life happens. We select the right furniture to fit with the people who will use it.

  3. Add Color:

    By blending fabric colors with the walls as a backdrop and using accessories to add that special pop of color, accent pieces provide rooms with a special touch of fun and visual appeal.

  4. Add warmth:

    Furniture and accessories add a feeling of comfort and warmth to a home or office making family and friends feel welcome.

  5. Proper lighting is key:

    Regardless if your room requires task lighting in a kitchen work space, a soft chandelier in a dining room or will highlight a piece of artwork on the wall, White Oak Interiors will ensure your lighting matches perfectly to its intended function.

  6. Reduce clutter:

    Furniture and accessories keep a room from looking too cluttered. We select desks, glass tables, coffee and side tables to not only fit every space, but will allow you to stash unsightly clothing, books and paperwork out of sight.

  7. Furniture groupings bring us together:

    Comfortable seating and furniture groupings allow homeowners to gather, converse and relax. We select the right sofa style, fabric and sizes to bring the people who are most important to you together.

Furniture and Accessories – quality that stands the test of time

With several years of interior design experience, White Oak Interiors sets itself apart from the competition. Rather than source our furniture and accessories through the lowest priced vendors, we’ve carefully select the tradesman and suppliers we work with.. We shop many different places to get the right accessories at a competitive price, and we make sure we stay within the budget of the project.

Expert interior designer Carmen Boyer also presents our customers with a myriad of fabric, color and fixture selections to ensure you will fall in love with your rooms.

If you are looking for just the right furniture and accessories for your home or office, contact White Oak Interiors today at 847-854-8892 to set up an in-home consultation.

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