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Brilliant commercial interior design ideas begin by listening to business owners, corporate executives and facility managers to hear what is most important to them. With over eighteen years of business interior design experience, White Oak Interiors brings office design ideas to life and creates a corporate décor that positively reflects a company’s vision and values.

Office interior design concepts customized to your needs

Working together with corporate clients to estimate costs, we design a commercial interior floor plan that makes sense now and can be modified for future growth. We also recommend color schemes commensurate with commercial and industrial office needs, and our broad knowledge of materials and furniture reduces project costs and optimizes space planning.

Asking the right questions makes the difference in business interior design

Regardless if you’re moving into a new commercial office space, or would like to give your current headquarters a makeover, White Oak Interiors can help. At White Oak Interiors we pride ourselves on asking the right questions first to plan and implement commercial interior designs that will boost company morale and increase productivity.

Here are 11 key questions to ensure successful commercial interior design.

  1. How does your team like to communicate?

Every industry and individual company needs to balance privacy and the need for open communication. We can deliver an open floor plan and add small private offices when it’s time for closed-door meetings.

  1. What do you want your company to be known for?

Intelligent commercial interior design reflects your company’s brand, industry and mission.

  1. How would you like to welcome visitors?

Create the right first impression for your visitors and job applicants with an office reception area to make them feel welcome.

  1. How can we make the best use of floor space?

    Intelligent floor plans maximize square footage without making your employees feel cramped.

  2. What storage solutions can increase organization and security?

    When designing an office interior, equipment storage and filing systems are two key considerations. Proper storage manages unsightly paper files and computer hardware as well as increases corporate security.

  1. What amount of flexibility is required?

    Contemporary business interior design offers almost endless options for portable workstations and desks on wheels.

  1. How can we increase energy efficiency?

    White Oak Interiors can design your business environment using the latest green technology and sustainable work materials.

  2. Where can employees take a break?

    Employees make up the backbone of your company, and it’s important to design well-equipped kitchens and break rooms that help them dine, relax and recharge.

  3. What type of furniture and accessories will work best?

    We design large, conference rooms, libraries and C-suites according to your exact budget and specifications. With a wide selection of executive desks, artwork and shelving solutions, we furnish and accessorize your office space to complete its new look.

  4. What lighting options can increase productivity?

    Proper office lighting increases energy savings and serves as a great way to add style and character to commercial interiors. We will work with you to develop a lighting plan that meets your goals and increases your office’s aesthetic.

  1. What window treatments will add the right touch?

    We recommend and install window treatments that add warmth, reduce sound, improve privacy and highlight corporate landscaping and outdoor views.

Answering these questions allow us to take a 360-degree view of your corporate interior design.  In addition to in-depth knowledge of products, materials, and finishes, White Oak Interiors has the training and expertise to plan, schedule, execute and manage commercial interior design projects from start to finish.  For a gallery of our past commercial interior design projects, click here.

Located at 171 S. Main Street Crystal Lake, IL 60014, please contact us today at 847-854-8892 to begin your commercial interior design project today.

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